Do you ever, ever leave?

Back to CA for occupational therapy this morning. Was fitted up for overnight supports for my hands, which are basically thermoplastic cradles moulded to the shape of my hands and forearms, with straps to hold me into them.


I also ran into two of the C-Series; First C1 (Never actually my physio, but knows me from accompanying a friend to his appointments) who opined that she thought I was at CA more often than she was, and then saw Glados, who wondered what’d happened to my knee and why I was wearing a support on it – She had been my physio for quite some time, so this shouldn’t have been a mystery to her.


J, the occupational therapist, couldn’t fit me for a knee brace, and says that I have to go back to physio for that. Physio had alreadt said that was her business, not theirs. She seemed unshocked that I was caught in a swings-and-roundabouts situation.


I also now have the date set for the delivery of my perching stool and grip rails. 13th of June.


Oh, and I’m still carsick from the buses. This is getting ridiculous.


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