Not been for any appointments, since this week was my lovely holiday in the Lakes, which was a wonderful week of ginger beer, looking at livestock, boat trips around Ullswater, a small amount of tree-climbing, visiting an aquarium and the seaside, and lots and lots of lying in the sunshine reading a a mixture of delightful adventure stories and The Pearl. And there’s something about sitting on the shore of a lake, enjoying the breeze and discussing the local fauna and geology and generally enjoying the gentlemanly pursuit of doing absolutely nothing at all in fine weather and high spirits that just makes me feel wonderful.

I returned home by railway yesterday night, along the beautiful Settle and Carlisle line, which i fear I must admit that I was ignorant of most of, as I slept the sleep of the innocent for the entire journey.

I had one day of really worrying health whilst out there (6mg of diazepam, 80mg of morphine, a couple of gin and tonics and a very attentive and thorough massage was still not enough to get my back and hips out of spasm, and I was basically curled up and blind with pain for all of the time that I wasn’t drugged into submission and having my hair stroked to stop me from crying with despair) but other than that, and the fact that I am now feeling very strange about being one of *those invalids* who gets taken for a gentle holiday in the countryside because even though they have a horrible life they can still have a bit of a smile at the green fields and be restored by the bracing sea air.

Anyway, reality returns. Tomorrow I’m returning to work, the day after that I’m back at CA for more occupational therapy, and I’ve started looking at my next German project already.


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