Nobody Shocked

This morning was a surprise visit to walk-in clinic at RL.
After two days of screaming hip pain, one abortive phone call to NHS direct, and as much morphine as a body can take, I dragged myself on my crutches to the walk-in clinic at 8 AM.

Now, this is the clinic that I’m in the middle of complaining about. The receptionist, SG, was short tempered, made me try to fill out a form (whilst standing on two crutches and thus unable to use my hands really), and later snapped at me when I thought I’d missed my appointment.

I was, as usual, forced to lie on the floor by a lack of adequate seating and some kind, compassionate soul told me that if I couldn’t sit I had to stand since I was a trip hazard.

Thankfully, I got to my appointment by 9 AM, was seen by Dr B who was actually concerned for me and doubled my morphine dose, told me to take diazepam, and sleep it off.

I’m now back home, fully immobilised, and using speech to text to work on my German. Still in pain.


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