An explanation that stuck.

I’ve been trying to explain how EDS has hit me lately – Going from being someone that was at absolute peak fitness, to nowadays. An this is the expanation that worked best. Just thought I’d note it down for posterity;


You play World of Warcraft. You got it at launch, played all of Vanilla, and at the end of Burning Crusade you were not just raid-spec, you were geting server firsts, ruining people’s day in PvP, and the blues were writing about your spec on the official blog. People would be awed when you were standing around in Stormwind, they’d not just ask you for advice but they’d really listen to the response. You’d ride around on your Ahn’Qiraji Battle tank, one-shotting everything in your path, and offering to run people through low-level dungeons because you still loved WoW with all your heart and just enjoyed being in the world.

Near the end of BC, your account gets hacked, and all of your items get stolen. You keep playing, but you never quite build up the same quality of raid gear, and you miss a lot of the endgame content. Your friends keep playing with you, but they raid without you and it’s difficult to keep up.

By the time Mists comes out, you’re really lagging – You’ve missed Cataclysm, and have no idea how to catch up, and you realise that the problem isn’t just your lack of gear, there’s something wrong with your connection.

So you start spending time and money. You upgrade your hardware, reinstall a few times, pay for a faster connection, spend endless hours on the phone to Blizzard, change your operating system, buy a whole new computer… And after you’ve spent years and years and lots of money, you find out that the problem is with your ISP. You can’t change providers (they’re the only one in your area) and they can’t do anything to improve your connection.

So you’re stuck there. You can see the programme, launch it, look through your gear and list of mounts, sometimes chat to your friends when they’re online (But can’t go questing with them anymore, so you’re just exchanging whispers) but when you so much as try to complete a simple quest you lag out and crash the game. You can just about walk around the quest hubs, so you can see the quests, but if you try to do them, or if too many people log in, you end up getting signed out. You’ve paid a fortune, dedicated years of your life to getting good at it, and now you can’t even rescue someone from murlocs or go and enjoy the scenery.

And you can’t just log out.


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