And about the EDS support group

I’ve just realised that I never mentioned anything about the weekend – The EDS group, and my tutorial.


The group was actually really refreshing – I felt like the least middle-class person there, in fact like the only person there who was below the poverty line, which made me incredibly uncomfortable (All the stuff about middle-class vs working-class discourse very much holds true), but it was nice to be around other people who understand the nature of the beast and to be in a forum where there’s going to be discussion of EDS-related issues in a sort of structured fashion. Sadly, it’s all arranged via Facebook, so I’m not going to be as much a part of it as I could be, but it’s a start. There was also a bendy there who was at least 65, so I’ve also met my first older bendy, and that was quite a hopeful thing – On the one hand, I’m as ill as her, on the other hand, I know that it’s not guaranteed to be one long downhill slide.


Tutorial was also good – My tutor is really impressed with my work so far, and is going to make accommodation for me in the exam. I’m getting the Disabled Student’s Office to visit my house next week, to sort out exam arrangements and things. And I’ve bought a book and soon to get a boardgame about German grammar – I’m actually kind of sad that I’m coming close to the end of my formal German education again; It’s been three more years, after the first three at school many years ago, and I just feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. I want there to *always* be someone setting me little problems to translate and write and play with.

Anyway, my right hand is tearing itself to pieces, so I need to take a break and maybe start on the Baclofen. Wish me luck.

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