Life Admin

This was supposed to be a really straightforward post.

I was going to talk about my DSA meeting on Thursday, which was nice and straightforward, and has resulted in my getting an “ergonomic assessment” – in which someone comes to my house, builds a desk over my bed, and hopefully gives me some cushions. She also asked me if I could just move house to make life easier – That understandably went down like a lead balloon.

So today I dug into my pile of letters to do a bit of life-admin; I thought I had cleared them all out but, lo, there were the two letters I’d been waiting for, and one that if I’d missed would have been a disaster.

First up: Gynaecology. My appointment is on Monday at 11.30. No eating after 7.30, no taking public transport, bring a friend. General anaesthetic. Not so bad last time, though that was just dental, and the surgeon (Mr G) seems lovely, so my only worry is the practicality of getting there. Best friend and his housemate has volunteered to be on hand.

Second: Rheumatology at the hypermobility clinic in London. Moved from 28 August to 17 July at 8.30 in the morning. Both my best friend and my sister volunteered to help get me there on time and in one bit – Best friend’s family are Londoners, so I could stay with them and then commute in. Sister has volunteered to stay in student accommodation with me 200 yards from the clinic. Both very good options. And I need to decide soon. With Sis, I’d travel down on the 16th and back on the 17th by train, which would be exhausting but would be on a train. With my friend, I’d be driven to Lincolnshire on the 15th, then London on the 16th, spend the night of the 17th in London, then back to Lincolnshire, then home by the 19th. A long time off work, long time around new people, but a much safer way to travel, with less opportunities to hurt myself. And not requiring any long walks around London.

Third and final: The Ombudsman. I need to fill out a complaint form by the end of the week to get this sorted and continue keeping the pressure on Robin Lane.

Also, the chapter delivering my prescription on Thursday was incredibly patronising and assumed that I didn’t know what the prescription delivery service was. I was actually asking him why he had only delivered my MST, and not the rest of the script. The rest arrives on the ninth, same day as my homework is due.

Busy busy busy.


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