Five More Years

Long day yesterday; Arrived at 10.30 for my 11.30 appointment, only to be told that it was going to be an afternoon session, and that I’d not even be seen until 14.00. Finally got in at around 16.30, and out by 18.00.

Phlebotomist was lovely (And gave me a warm bag to heat up my hands with, since there was no way of getting blood out of my arms outherwise) – Managed on the second needle site (Back of the right hand) using the smallest needle possible. It still took an age to get any blood out, effectively under gravity, but it worked.

Ward staff were lovely – Brought me pillows, medication when I needed it, and generally left me alone. One was a fellow Open University student, so we had a bit of a chat, but I wasn’t particularly pressured into being sociable.

Anaesthetist was lovely, not patronising but also not deliberately confusing, and she was happy believe me that I knew my own body’s trouble better than she did.

Porter was terrible – Undid the strings of my gown whilst I was kneeling up in  front of the whole ward, so they all got a flash of my arse, pulled my ear piercings, touched my tattoo without asking, nearly took my leg out of the socket by trying to unwrap it out of a blanket that I’d put it in for safety’s sake, quizzed me about how I got dressed and moved and generally lived with the general tone of “Oh, I can’t have hurt you, you’re not ill”, interrogated me about my self-harm scars, and then actually dislocated my shoulder in his zeal to help the anaesthetist find a vein. I ended up pushing him away and finding my own. He was not a nice person.

But everything went smoothly, I woke up back in the ward, a little bit sore, a little bit groggy, but after some tea and toast with surprise raspberry jam on it, and the statutory “We have to see you piss before you can leave” which is tricky when you’ve only had a small cup of tea all day and have given a urine sample already, I got to go home, and basically pass out on the settee for nine hours.


Today is the last day of cheap train tickets before UCLH, so I’m going to spend today arranging that, sorting out my German homework, having a bath, and maybe heading into town to pay in a payslip. It’ll be a busy-ish day, anyway, but not a stressful one.




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