Well, my trains and my hotel are now booked for my trip down to UCLH, and honestly I’m terrified. I’ve got my best friend’s Mam helping me get to and from the appointment, so all I really have to do is wake up and be in the hotel foyer on-time to meet her (Probably about 8am) and then get across the road to the hospital, find my way around the hospital (It’s on Outpatient Podium One, which sounds like it should be some sort of floating glass structure tethered to the main building by carbon nanotubes) have the hour long appointment which I am deeply unprepared for, get back out, then spend a few hours dossing around London before geting the train home at 14.30. Getting to London in the first place is just a matter of getting on the right train (14.45 from Leeds, East Coast) then walking from Kings Cross down to the hotel, which can take as long as it needs to, really.


So I’m currently filling in time by drawing up a genetic history diagram, with everyone’s Brighton scores marked on it. I’m getting a bit emotional over it; This is something that I used to do at undergrad a lot, working out the heritability of traits and looking for patterns, and it’s a strange bit of cognitive dissonance to see my own family noted down in terms of how a geneticist would look at them, because they’re not just “Male, deceased” or “Female, Brighton score 6”, they’re my aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins. It’s a strange thing, really – I’m the only memebr of my family who’s geographically distant; The rest of them live within about a two mile radius of each other, all in one town, and have done for about eleven generations (There’s currently four generations living there). Looking at my own family as a diagram, I feel like I’ve committed some kind of terrible sin, that I shouldn’t be able to even for a minute think of them as just statistics about miscarriages and faulty collagen, I should be filling in this diagram with them sitting with me, joking about the fact that I’m being ever-the-scientist, talking about how, when you really get down to it, we’re all one family.


But I’m not, I’m filling in a diagram in the bed that I rarely leave, and in a few days I’m going to go to London.



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