Onwards and upwards.

Yesterday I had my first significant migraine in ages. Full on aphasia, dry-mouth, visual disturbances, sudden exhaustion, and in the end I just passed out for three hours on the settee. Mid-evening, the heavens opened, and with the sudden massive rainstorm (And enough morphine to floor a bongo) my head cleared.


So, today is a pretty good day.

After a long talk with a faraway friend, I managed to get into work today and make a few quid – Not enough to live on, but enough to mean that I’m going to postpone starving for another day or two. Going to work is always a huge achievement for me, especially after long breaks, so I feel like I’ve done really well, even though I didn’t do brilliantly in actual monetary terms.

I’m also now up-to-date on my German too.

So, two of the huge things hanging over my head are now, notably, smaller. The anxiety that I had been having over the upcoming week has been winnowed down to just one, which is to say “Will I get to this appointment, and what should I expect?”

I’ve also now got all but one of my first- and second- degree relatives’ Brighton numbers, with my direct maternal line turning in 6/6/7 (I’m the seven), my m-uncle and m-grandfather at 0 and my m-cousin at 3. So it’s pretty obvious where the bendy comes from. The lack of data for my paternal side feels much less relevant now that I know that there’s almost definitely bendy on the maternal side (Oh, and three cousins have needed to have their hips pinned or otherwise corrected as children). Effectively, I’m now no longer worried about having to go and have an awkward conversation with my half-sisters, whom I’ve never met.


Three days until I travel for London.

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