Well, it’s been a quiet week on the medical front – No new appointments, and now as far as I can see I’ve got none booked in. So I’m kind of winging it, with nothing to structure my life at the moment. Today, the representative from my university’s disability-access company came around, and fitted me up for a couple of ergonomic workstations – One over my bed, which will be a ramp for my torso and a lap-desk to let my laptop float over my legs, and the other for the chaise longue, which will be a sort of old-fashioned tray table. And a wireless keyboard. And now that’s done.


This isn’t how I would have chosen to live my life, but after a while the routine of GP/referral/specialist/physio/care plan/GP/referral… becomes THE routine around which life gets based. Everything else is secondary to it, because seeing the correct doctor is more important than basically anything else, and almost anything in life is more flexible than NHS timetabling.


But now I’m kind of free of it, at least for the moment. I’ve done some sewing. I’ve found a couple of operas that I want to go and see (La Traviata and The Bartered Bride being the ones that really stand out). I’ve started making a batch of kimchee. My next-door neighbour has given me an old mechanical till, which I’m in the process of trying to figure out how it works and thus how to repair it.  It feels nice to be just being me, but on the other hand it feels like the elastic band that had been driving me through all of the trials and tribulations recently has just sort of snapped.


My current “plan” on the health front is to do my exercises three times a week, to use a Powerball for 10-20 minutes a night (to work on my wrists and hands), and to try to swim once a week.


And of course I still have German to do and paid work to work at. So maybe I will be busy.


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