Unshocked, but zapped

My right hand got increasingly worse, leading to another 111 call, and a trip to LX.


LX were fantastic – Appointment was booked for 19.00, I arrived at 18.45 and was seen at 18.46, no exaggeration needed.


By 19.00 I was back in the car with my best friend’s mum, with a prescription for more diazepam in my hand and insctuctions to get an electromyography booked.


So that’s an MRI for the hip needed, and an electromyography for the hand. I’ve also been told to get my rheumatology appointment moved forward. The doctor was incredibly sweet and kept calling me “young lady”, but he did try to unscrew my head and pull one of my shoulders out of socket. He was very nice about it though, so you’ll note that I didn’t really mind.


It’s now up to the GP to not drop the ball. Going to phone them tomorrow morning (Today was a bank holiday) and get an appointment to get both the MRI and the EMG sorted.


Amusingly, it’s almost two years to the day since my first EMG for hand pain in the medial nerve, which at the time was put down to spending too much time at my desk. I didn’t have a desk at the time, but back then I could be cowed by a fairly lowly OT. Nowadays, I eat registrars for breakfast and pick my teeth with the bones of consultants. It might go better this time.


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