Well look at me go!

After pulling my thumb out of my arse and getting through to the council about getting a disability bus pass (A bit useless since I last got a bus on the 14th of June, but it WILL give me cheap access to the local pool) I also got a phone call from the Nurse Practitioner at RL. Firstly, they’ve not got the physio pack, so are going to chase up London for that, and secondly, the Pudsey physio can’t treat me, and they want to get Rheumatology to make a properly co-ordinated care plan for me, that covers physio, CBT, investigations and everything. This will probably also cover what I need prescribing, will get me the pre-advice for A+E for when I arrive, and will get me back on track for getting to Stanmore in about a year.


So effectively, currently the person who has the most grip on what’s going on and how it really affects me is my local Nurse Practitioner. She’s brilliant.


The remains of today are going to be spent rewriting my PIP form. Wish me luck.


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