Well, that was quick


I posted my PIP2 (“How your disability affects you”) form on about the 31st of August.


Got this today, saying that it’s been processed and that I can expect to get my assessment date within 12-16 weeks. So about four months. It rings wrong to me that their nurse or physiotherapist can see me for an hour, and overrule the professional opinion of a consultant rheumatologist who knows me pretty well, and the UK’s leading specialist in hypermobility who has also personally seen me, but ours is not to question why.


Now someone is going to have to read my 6,500-word essay on “Why I Am So Disappointing” and then give that to the assessor.


Come to think of it, I don’t know what the original letter is for, if they’re going to assess me themselves anyway. Maybe so that they can form a preconcieved picture of what I’ll be like before meeting me, and then be shocked when I don’t look or act like that. Or maybe just so that I’m particularly ground-down and woeful from having to ennumerate my flaws in print. Or, charitably, to give me crib notes for before I go along to the assessment.


Either way, it’s ATOS that have me, not Capita. So that’s… A thing.


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