The Fabled Physio Pack

Thought I may as well scan this, since it’s useful info for bendies of all stripes. This is the thing that’s send from UCLH to the GPs of people with hypermobility syndromes, to be put onto their files permanently and basically to be given to their physiotherapists from now until the proverbial cows come home.


The missing words on page 3 are “Report sexual and reproductive difficulty” and the missing words on 6 are “Graduated exercise programmes” because the scanner was set to automatically crop, and so it lost some words.


They’re a good start, and there’s stuff in there to kow even if you aren’t a physio. And the references all make for good reading too.

HMS1 001 HMS2 001 HMS3 001 HMS4 001 HMS5 001 HMS6 001 HMS7 001 HMS8 001

3 thoughts on “The Fabled Physio Pack

    • More than welcome 🙂 I don’t know why it isn’t more widely-circulated as just “General notes for physios when deaing with zebras” and why only UCLH seem to hand it out – it’s not like it’s tailored to each patient, or even particularly revolutionary stuff.

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