Rheumatology reprise

Well, today was Professor D at rheumatology at SJ’s – Which was a surprise, since up until yesterday afternoon I’d been expecting Dr W at CA. So that wasn’t a bad thing, just a surprising thing, to be going to a new hospital.

Anyway, he was extremely helpful on most fronts;

-Referring me to a hip specialist, to think about surgery on the bad hip, since that specialist would also be the one who would want the MRI.

-Reminding the pain team that I exist and getting me shoved forwards in the waiting list for CBT for pain.

-Getting me back into physio. Yay.

He also reccommended topical NSAIDs for the right hand, which might work but will be expensive since they’re not on prescription.

And then on the way out, the porter managed to clang my recently-dislocated hip in a door. I screamed loudly enough to bring in the entire ward. He was very apologetic though. And then the taxi driver was incredibly invasive and pushy and unpleasant to the point that it felt like assault, so I ended up geting out of the taxi in standing traffic and fleeing into Emmaus. Wherein I bought a Big Book of Birds (With gorgeous illustrations by Arthur Singer) for two pounds, a new leather jacket (one of the nice double-breasted ones) for ten pounds, which fits me perfectly and feels like the kind of jacket that I will never want to take off, a black and white striped shirt – to go with all of my other black and white striped shirts – for fifty pence, and a collection of paisley silk ties for twenty pence each. Happy days.

I’m now back at home and dealing with the University, who seem to have dropped the ball a little bit, Everyone is still very much on my side, but oh dear.

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