A day in the life.

Inspired by @LittleMissBendy, here’s a day’s worth of subluxations. It’s been a fairly light day – Not tried to do much other that sit on the settee, watch TV, and read a little bit, due to a long, knackering week. On a day where I’d tried to do anything, I’d have had more. It’s also the winter solstice, so I might do this again at the vernal equinox, then midsummer, then the first day of autumn.

Anyway, happy solstice, I should go to bed.

00.00 – Midnight, 20th December. So, this is the entire record of the 21st of December 2014. Happy solstice, me.

00.34 – Jaw subluxations, whilst eating salmiakki. All small, all popped back in without needing to be manipulated.

01.10 – Full dislocation of left shoulder, due to “Hanging” on shoulder (Resting on elbow without using muscle tension to stay up, resulting in a lot of tension through the shoulder girdle). Needed massage, opiates, heavy manipulation to reduce.

2.30 – Bedtime. Sleep amazingly well,

10.00 – Wake up, and inventory the night’s injuries; Two shoulder subluxations, right wrist subluxed. Reset all upon getting out of bed, very little resistance from anything.

11.20 – Pain in hip starts. Reset right wrist sublux, but it doesn’t stay reset. Decide to ignore it.

12.17 – Hip subluxation, with horrendous back pain

12.51 – Hip subluxation resolves itself; Loud CRATCHUNCK noise, silver stars.

13.04 – Wrist subluxation becomes full dislocation.

13.09 – Realise that right shoulder has subluxed again, scapula has crept around to side of ribcage.

13.10 – Left radial end of clavicle is wrong, and hurts. Clunks back into place. Realise that whole shoulder and neck area is wrong on both sides. Very tense and very sore. Morphine time.

13.39 – Right wrist sublux. Hand very numb and very weak, popped back together, but cold and not working well.

14.02 – Right wrist, full dislocation,

14.13 – Hip hurt and unstable again. In stretching it out, managed to pop ankle.

14.15 – Left wrist subux.

15.01 – Left shoulder went to pieces, including a couple of ribs. Lots of pain and thus fell asleep.

18.06 – Woke up, still in pain, still in pieces. Reduced left shoulder (Much pain, much force needed), gently tried to reduce ribs, only semi-succeeded.

18.10 – Noticed right wrist, reset wrist with other hand. Took several steps and was incredibly painful.

18.11 – Right scapula starts creeping towards the front. More sore and stressful than immediately painful.

18.18 – Left thumb DP joint repeatedly subluxes.

18.30 – Lying on left hip, realise that position is pulling it out of joint. Subluxes.

19.01 – Left shoulder, pops back in comparatively easily, hurts enough that I get very lightheaded though.

19.04 – Eating fried bread, jaw subluxes again. Right wrist subluxes, pops back in by cracking it. Now have a screaming headache. More morphine.

19.23 – Right patella slides off and sideways. Popped back by hand.

19.54 – Left foot goes into spasm, takes a few minutes to work out that the problem is a sublux in the ankle. I hate feet.

20.08 – Horrendous back pain, ankle still not sorted.

20.20 – Left shoulder sublux, clavicle crawling up my neck.

20.36 – Right shoulder sublux, scapula and radial head of clavicle involved, mostly just the glenohumeral joint though. Popped back under own steam.

20.41 – Pain in right hip becomes completely disabling, lose ability to do anything other than shift uncomfortably and make pained noises.

20.48 – Return to conciousness.

21.32 – Medial clavicle (right hand side) comes off, out and forwards. Debating whether it’s bad enough for hospital, since breathing is awkward.

21.56 – Right shoulder reuced a bit, right wrist still very, very fucked. Got a hot water bottle on it, and letting it settle.

21.58 – Wrist kerthuncked back into place. Ow. Fuck. Ow. Ow.

22.27 – Right shoulder falls out, again. Neck and head absolutely screaming. Food and morphine.

23.06 – Right wrist subluxes and sticks subluxed.

23.23 – Something terrible happens in my lower back. Intense need to vomit.

23.58 – Left shoulder has fallen out and downwards, and nothing will keep it in place. And not sleepy at all, due to the pain.

So, the totals are;

Jaw – 2

Shoulder girdle – 14

Wrists – 12

Fingers – 1

Ribs – 1

Hips – 4

Knees -1

Ankles -1

TOTAL – 36, that I’ve noticed, with times where I’ve had two or three at once (The classic reset-fall out-reset-fall out-reset and sodding stick this time combination) counted as one episode.

And now it’s midnight again, and that’s a fairly normal day in the life. Tomorrow, I plan to get for a swim at the free session at the pool tomorrow, and maybe work on my dolls’ house a bit. Yesterday was knackering because I bought a load of paint, basically.

One thought on “A day in the life.

  1. […] Most of these joints, and many things that the average person wouldn’t think of as a joint (Tempromandibular. Sternothorassic. Sternoclavicular. Intra-pelvis. Coccyx. Carpus.) dislocate. Frequently, and without warning. This is officially called “With or without trauma” – As in, a dislocated shoulder might come from being wrenched or struck, it might happen because I was lying on it wrong, or it might happen because the stars aligned wrong. The stars tend to align wrong dozens of times a day, as I documented earlier. […]

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