Year of the sheep.

After my last GP appointment, my hip got steadily worse.

On the 29th, I rang NHS Direct at about 21.00, to see about getting a clinician to look at it. Long story short, by 4am on the 30th I’d given up, and went to bed with a blue foot and a leg I couldn’t use.

The next morning, I phoned my GP, who “Would get back to me urgently”, and by about 13.00 I was on the phone to Dr Hpm, who sent me immediately for x-ray at any local hospital.

So, by 14.00 I was in a friend’s car, on the way to not one of the three usual hospitals (CA, StJ, LGI) but to the neighbouring Trust, basically because the scenery over the hills in the snow is rather nice and it wouldn’t be full of drunks and busyness. And, you know what, it was really nice. The receptionist booked me in and did all the digging for me to find out where I was supposed to be (A fax from my GP had been delayed, so I’d arrived without any paperwork), a nurse got me a trolley to rest on, since the chairs were killing my back and hips, and the radiographer (From the home country!) was really quick and professional and friendly. I was in and back out in less than an hour – Didn’t get to look at my own x-ray, which I usually like doing, but will have the results within the week.


And then this morning, I rang UCLH to see about my Stanmore referral, who told me to ring Stanmore – And they’d lost it. So, on the 2nd, when I go to my GP again, as well as asking for my medication to be reviewed and getting the results of my x-ray, I’m also going to have to push for the referral letter to Stanmore.


Oh well, happy new year, and hopefully the next one will be better.

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