New Year, New Meds.

So, yesterday was my first GP appointment of the new year, with Dr R. I’d seen Dr R on the 23rd, and he’d told me to basically take more morphine and look after myself, which was very reasonable, so seeing him again yesterday was actually a relief – He’s not superstitious about muscle relaxants, for starters.

First step was to put me back on the irregular diazepam.

Second step was to get me genuine, adult-sized suppositories – The Nice Scottish Pharmacist did have a bit of a giggle about my having aged terribly over the last couple of weeks.

Third step was to replace the 500mg of naproxen twice a day, which I’ve been on for two years, with 75mg of diclofenac, twice a day. I used to take diclofenac many years ago for back pain, and I really liked it then, and I hope that I’ll like it again now. If nothing else, I always get an amazing night’s sleep after taking it.

And the final step was that Dr R has taken over responsibility for shouting at Stanmore for me. So I can just get back to looking after myself. All I have to do is bring him in a photocopy of the London letter on Monday, and he’ll do the rest. Magic.

So, 2015 looks hopeful so far.


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