Pop goes the weasel.

Yesterday night turned out to be a hospital night, or at least a paramedic night. Abdominal pain that started with “Oh, I have a bit of a cramp” and in the time that it took to send my partner downstairs to get a hot water bottle, had turned into something that made me curl up and scream and shake incomprehensibly. I managed the word “Ambulance”, apparently, and then everything goes a bit blurry until there was a nice but concerned looking paramedic putting the Entonox valve in my hand and telling me that if I could stop crying for long enough to inhale it’d get better, quickly.

I did, and it did. After enough gas to make me stop screaming, we worked out that the pain was probably a combination of an impacted bowel and menstrual cramps, all setting each other off and bringing in the sharp end of a migraine as well. A quick room search found the glycerin suppositories, I was given a nitrile glove, and thankfully both partner and paramedic understood that there’s some things that a gent must do alone.

I continued with the entonox, took the morphine, quickly disimpacted, then was given the choice; Accident and Emergency, the sensible, reasonable, thing to do, or sit here at home with blood everywhere, 80% of the pain, and the increasing urge to vomit. I decided to stay at home, unable to face going back to hospital two weeks in a row, and especially not A+E on a Saturday night.

So now it’s Sunday, and I’m still in horrible pain, and I’m still bleeding like a nightmare, but I feel a couple of stone lighter and I think I’m going to be fine, as long as I am much, much more diligent with the laxatives in future. Everything, everything hurts.

Next appointments:

18th Feb probably at 13.00 – Rheumatology, Dr D, StJ

23rd Feb 09.00 – Gynae LARC sedation clinc, DrGb, StJ.

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