A thing I’m really interested in doing is writing a children’s story explaining hypermobility to very young children (Inspired by the future need to explain to my two young nieces why Uncle Percy prefers to shake hands than to hug, and why he doesn’t join in the party games) and probably one explaining mental illness. Both picture books, both very much age-appropriate to pre-school-age bairns. Both largely geared around reassuring the children that their friend/relative is all right, and that they love them just as much as everyone else does, they just can’t always show it.

And then possibly a third one which I’ve been mulling over for ages that’s called “Karl’s An Arsehole”, which will revolve around not using discriminatory language.

(“Today I wanted to call Karl a big gay.

But then I thought about it some more.

Karl isn’t gay. I know gay people – Mark and Liam are gay, and they’re all right.

There’s nothing wrong with being gay.

Karl isn’t an arsehole because he’s gay, he’s an arsehole because he used the blue crayon before me.

So I called him a thieving arsehole instead.”)

So expect those to turn up some time soon. I’m not going to illustrate them (I can’t draw consistently enough, really) but the text will be there to play with.


One thought on “Inkspiders

  1. The first sounds useful. A similar book has been written in the US about ME I think (another very hard to understand condition with weird symptoms no one expects!).

    The second concept made me laugh. I love it. Not sure that would be publishable, but it would be great fun.


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