Just to say that, finally, all of my posts are correctly tagged. So clicking something in the tag cloud will bring up all the posts on that subject.



EDIT: I just accidentally deleted someone’s comment – I didn’t see who, I just accidentally pressed “Bin” rather than “Approve”. Sorry – Try again, I’ll be less fumblethumbed in future?


3 thoughts on “Tagging

  1. Now to tag the tags.

    Then polish Dog, rearrange the air, check water for wetness…☺

    Sorry. Done it for love of your readers or just for shiggles or displacement activity? If last wassup?

    • Just preferred neatly tagging everything to thinking about having to deal with everything.

      I mean, love of my readers, obviously. I feel duty-bound to make it easier for my disciples to pore over my every word.

  2. Bloody hell, you deleted me. *Strop*

    And I was complimenting you on your immaculate tags, too. *Flounce*

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