3″ square, giraffe (brontosaurus?) from a fish base. Sadly only has three legs, but we cope.

Fold fish base, fold in half down centre, squash fold the small triangular flaps, then valley fold them in from opposite ends (one side of each as if you were making a crane, one side of each as if you were making a waterbomb) to make front legs. Fold up one side of the fish base as if making a crane neck (including the narrowing) then inverse squash fold the end of the other, to make the back legs.


Now not so much like a fire alarm, more like a pneumatic drill right next to my head. Not self harming is actually physically painful right now – My hands are aching in a way that I know is completely psychosomatic. I might try to get into town and pay in last week’s payslip, which will at least stop me from staring at the walls. When I was fitter, on days like this I’d walk to the 24-hour supermarket and then just pootle around it for hours, not buying anything and just looking at the stuff and the people. It was warm, indoors, brightly coloured, had a toilet, and was full of people who would probably notice if I suddenly tried to top myself. Sadly, due to being physically wrecked, I no longer have that ability.

And now it’s pissing it down outside, so no chance of me going to town either. Maybe some cleaning will help.


9 thoughts on “Fold

    • Really worried about going downstairs, since that means going past where I know all the scalpels are. Though baking might be worth the risk, actually. I’ve got a real craving for madeleines, but I’ve got oats and chopped almonds and glace cherries, so I could just make really almondy florentines instead.

      It really is like having a complete bastard with a megaphone sitting on my lap and shouting “DAMAGE YOURSELF” right in my face. The trouble is that the complete bastard is also a persuasive, seuctive bastard who makes it all sound like a fabulous idea.

  1. I’m not liking the sound of that at all, though the little critter in the picture is delightful (the 3 legs add extra charm for some reason!) – how awful for you.

    I have my own favourite distractions but they are probably not age appropriate for you – ie a hot water bottle, a Hello Kitty fleece blanket and Radio 4.

    Social media helps me too – I’ve just joined Twitter.

    Do hope you can stay safe and not self-harm. Much love as always. Cathy xxxxx

    • I think this is half the problem – I’m not getting to be “my own age” and I am just spending all my time with a hot water bottle and listening to radio four with the dog. And then the hot water bottle cools down and I don’t have the strength to refill it.

      I think the Mystery Quadruped is going to get a couple of friends, if I can get as far as the origami papers again. I’ve worked out how to turn it into a decent plesiosaur, I think, which would be fun to give to my palaeologist friend.

      Ah, Twitter – I shall add you, if you don’t mind sharing 🙂 I gave it up a few months ago, but I’m trying to get back to it (I miss a lot of the people on there, but there was a lot of horrible as well).



  2. Yes, quite. You are a bit young for Test Match Special probably as well – on my worst days I just laid in bed listening to that (with a hot water bottle mind!).

    I do like the origami. I am very clumsy. Mike and his brother Nigel are superb craftsmen. Nigel is going to make me a bespoke bronze broach like an Autumn leaf which I am very excited about! So I appreciate neat handiwork very much – including your tiny tiny beasties!

    Twitter has been fun. I joined to follow the Plarchers, Archers episodes dramatised in Playmobil tableaux (yes really). Then I followed a few friends and Richard Dawkins. More fun still has been had following a wonderfully melancholy sad black cat (who isn’t really sad at all of course). @MYSADCAT. I sent him a fan-tweet today *blush*. I am there under my real name @SlCathy.

    Warmest wishes


    • Awww, I followed MySadCat 😀 He’s probably my favourite internet-famous cat (I have to clarify, so as not to make the local cats get jealous). I do sometimes wonder about starting a “Why my greyhound is sad” Twitter (For things like “My greyhound is sad because this is 300-thread-count Egyptian cotton, not 700-count Sea Island.” as he mopes about destroying my bedding…) 😀

      I do worry that listening to the roundup of yesterday’s cricket would make me worse 😛 Can’t believe we’re out of the world cup. As much as “It’s not proper cricket”, I was still enjoying it. Definitey planning to see some of the play at Headingley this year, I can’t remember if we’re hosting any hit-and-giggle, but if we are, I’ll be there for it 🙂

      The brooch sounds lovely – There’s always something magical about having jewellery made for you. Hope to see it once it’s done 🙂 I wish that more people used copper and bronze for jewellery – They’re just such nice colours, and you can get such unusual effects by patinating them that you can’t do with gold or silver.

      And thank you – I always think I’m all thumbs, but practise makes perfect. Inky does some amazing folds, and has rather inspired me to get back into origami more seriously. One of my favourite not-really-origami designs is the kusudama – A ball of flowers that traditionally uses 60 sheets of paper (12 flowers, 5 petals per flower, 1 sheet per petal) – They’re a really good place to start, if you’re interested, since the folds don’t need to be very accurate, and the finished piece is really impressive-looking 🙂

      I shall add you on Twitter, and even if I’m not posting, I’ll be reading 🙂

  3. Hello again, Did you really follow MySadCat? It seems like such a coincidence. Already I adore my sad and sultry feline companion! I suppose you are familiar with the short films of Henri the Philosophical Cat on You Tube?

    I love the concept of a mournful greyhound on Twitter. They have that hung dog expression suggesting that they are permanently hard done by!

    Now mention Headingley and I’ll get all nostalgic. I remember having a press cutting from ‘The Guardian’ with Ian Botham striking out manfully during his legendary innings there, stuck to my bedroom wall as a teenager. *Sigh* It was cricket that brought me and Mike together in 1980, so it always has a special place in my heart. I love TMS with a passion.

    Nigel is fascinating. He studied Egyptology and has an incredible knowledge of Bronze and Iron Age history and artefacts. When I went round the Ashmolean Museum with him, he was looking at how the exhibits were made, so he could make something similar himself! When we walked round Avebury together he casually picked up pieces of Iron Age slag off the ground! He has carved out a niche career in writing about ancient history-based war gaming. Extraordinary. I will be thrilled if he does make me a broach. You sound like a connoisseur of metalworking yourself.

    The paper folding sounds delightful. My creative hobby is gardening. I like to work with the soil and plants and watch things grow in a sort of mindful (OK obsessive) way.

    But beware, if you say ‘practise makes perfect’ I start to get angry. Then say ‘disinterested’ when you mean ‘uninterested’ and I get crosser still. Use of ‘alright’ when I think ‘all right’ is more elegant in that context brings about spontaneous combustion!!! (I am joking of course). I get a terrible urge to edit other people’s words….it’s sort of compulsive. *Embarrassed*

    Hope your day is picking up a little.


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