Flying Updates

So, I have a complete AC separation on the right hand side, my right clavicle is rambling around loose and keeps hammering my vagus nerve and making me feel dizzy, and everything from buttock to skull is in spasm, resulting in my right foot being blue and it being difficult to breathe.

This post brought to you, incredibly slowly, by speech-to-text.

So, like any sensible zeb, I’m gearing up for a swim.


5 thoughts on “Flying Updates

  1. Any trauma there or just breathin and stuff?
    Im struggling to fit in gym at the mo. Foalsitting and foalferrying v time consuming. Might be biscuits later.

    • Just the breathing, and it’s ripped out a few ribs and re-knackered my sternum (If I tense too hard, the cartilage about the sternum pulls slightly apart due to having had it shattered once. Not nice.)

      Concentrating on slow, careful breaths and trying to stop things getting worse.

      Can you sneak bits of workout in around foalsitting? She looks little enough to use as a freeweight…

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