Well, my MRI results are in. Phone appointment with Dr R, who is increasingly used to my not physically going to the surgery (The surgery claims not to do phone appointments, but given that it’s that or a home visit they do them when needed) and seemed quite hopeful that it’s not too bad.

The butcher’s bill was three herniated dics in my L3, L4 and L5, nerve compression in the L5, and bit of arthritis. No surprise that it’s causing pain, but not bad enough to warrant surgery yet. As such, I’m being booked in for physio at the medical practice – Long waiting list, but it means not having to schlep over to CA every time, and no chance of running into the physio I dislike.

This does neatly and immediately explain why sitting upright or standing still is excruciating, and why being in water is the only real relief.

Unrelatedly, and in an unusual move, my left knee is dislocated. My patella is basicaly on the wrong side of the joint, and won’t go back. This isn’t normal, even for me.


15 thoughts on “Horses

  1. Yikes. “Not too bad”!!! It sounds pretty ouchie to me all the same. Presumably if you cannot sit or stand, lying down is OK?


    • It’s certainly better, though it’s not great for the knees/hips/shoulders.

      Time will tell, I suppose. The NHS site says that it should take about four weeks to recover from a slipped disc, with rest and gentle exercise, but I’m already as restful as I can be, and do exactly the exercise that’s reccommended.

  2. Meantime, I have images of you reclining on a chaise longue, this being the only way to get remotely comfortable….seriously, that’s pretty grotty. 😦

    • It’s grotty, but my chaise longue is upholstered in green velvet and covered in sheepskins for warmth, and my bed is a Gothic fantasy with black and gold satin bedding and three eiderdowns. So even though I’m basically confined to the two, I’m in an incredibly luxurious prison.

  3. I want a chaise longue, I had my eye on my late mother in laws til the wolfhound ate it. Definitely will be asking Santa for one

    • The whole thing? Aaargh. And check Ebay, some glorious ones keep coming up. I got mine from there for less than £100, and it’s solid mahogany and in really good condition.

    • I could so well envisage a couple of chilled out ferrets reclining elegantly on a chaise longue, possibly wrapped in a cosy slanket….

  4. nah, dog just ate a big chunk out of the top bit. Ferrets would indeed colonise it, like they already colonise everything!


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