Morning is breaking

It’s just after 3am and I’m not tired at all.

Now, in the middle of winter I would count this as “the middle of the night”, and I would definitely try to fall asleep – “Trying” in this case meaning to dose up on any drug that I have that will promote sleep, and then lying down in the dark. This usually means that I’ll sleep for nine or ten hours, then wake up feeling terrible.

This is also the thing that causes my sleep pattern to “cycle” – The thing where, a few times a year (and increasingly frequently) I go for a period of being nocturnal.

In the middle of summer, in this position, I’d probably stay awake until about 9am, then sleep for a few hours, then go about my day, then go back to sleep for a few hours at around this time tomorrow – Effectively becoming crepuscular for a while (As in, taking two three-hour naps, one over midday and one just after midnight) which is basically my ideal way of functioning, regardless of how antisocial it seems to other people.

Right now I’m extremely conscious that it’ll be sunrise in about three hours. I know that I can go for up to about 50 hours without needing sleep, when it’s called for, so there is always the option of just staying up until tomorrow night.

Did I mention that everything hurts really, really badly, and that that’s at least part of the reason why I can’t sleep? There’s the spectre of Hidden Option Z in the back of my mind, which is “Call an ambulance, legs aren’t meant to bend that way and ribs aren’t meant to crack every time you breathe. Spend the rest of the night in A+E., get coffee in town in the morning if you can walk by then”.

We shall see what happens next.


3 thoughts on “Morning is breaking

  1. I know the cycle well. For me the crepuscular phase is always associated with a depressive relapsatron…so do be careful.
    But do what you need to. If that means like Sheldon you only wake up to be fed then pah could be worse. remenber people care.

    • Finally fell asleep just after a lovely sunrise, then woke up again at nine and dozed until about half ten. Hope that I can stay roughly diurnal for now, since I’ve got two heavy weekends coming up -London then Newcastle.

  2. I have come across sleep reversal before. I think it affects people with several disorders, including ME.

    I sleep each afternoon which works pretty well. Take good care Percy.

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