For whatever reason, a load of the stuff on my repeat prescription has been taken off. And even though they’ve had literally two weeks to arrange it since I starte hassling them, my prescription hasn’t come in on time, again – My prescription NEVER comes in on time. I always ring up, and the pharmacy says “It’ll be ready on Thursday” and then I ring up on Thursday and they say “We sent it off today” and then promise to deliver it when it comes back, and then a week later I phone up again to say “Where’s my prescription?” and they say “Oh, it’s not come back yet, we’ll have to chase up the surgery…”

Basically, it seems that there’s a massive cock somewhere between the surgery and the pharmacy (Which are only a hundred yards apart) and that there’s no way to set up my repeat prescription to do what it says on the tin – To whit; Every month, when it’s due to run out, a van containing all of my drugs turns up at the house, and then I have my drugs.

So, I’m off to London in a couple of hours, and I’m going with basically no diazepam. Considering that I’m going to be in a very stressful situation, have to do a lot of sitting upright and walking, and will be spending four hours in the car, I can see this being an issue.

On the other hand, I’m sitting in the living room at my best friend’s house, there’s bright sunlight streaming in, my gladstone bag is packed, I’ve had a good breakfast and it looks like a lovely day to travel. See you in London.


12 thoughts on “Prescriptions

  1. Gladstone bag. That’s class.

    Re repeats, I am on weekly prescribing because of overdoses, and the number of times it all goes belly up drives me MAD. And I am mad to start with. Diazepam is my comfort blanket – rarely used but a Godsend when necessary, so I do feel for you, especially as I believe it is helpful for muscle as well as brain related issues. But hopefully you’ll manage OK.

    Good luck Percy! 🙂

  2. “there’s a massive cock somewhere between the surgery and the pharmacy”

    PS was that a typo or Freudian slip?

  3. Thanks for the link Cathy. (Inky, you probably won’t remember me but I have posted on BS as zimmy. Not for a long time though).

    Glad that you were able to keep on top of your meds in hospital Cathy!

    I have all my medication delivered at four-weekly intervals. My carers and I have to go through every single item in several carrier bags of stuff and check it, and every bloody time there’s something missing, or wrong.

    • If you were a vulnerable or confused person without a carer to help, what would you do? I felt that in hospital if I had not been 100% sharp, mistakes would have been made. Pah!

      In other news, a lovely lovely person on *cough* a certain forum has made me a photo-shop mash-up involving cheer-leading potoroos, and believe me, that doesn’t happen every day!!! 🙂

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