Mathanga Erissery

Nutritious comfort food that doesn’t take too much preparation or fresh ingredients;

One large squash/small pumpkin or 4 large sweet potatoes (Or a mix of the above) cubed.

1 tin of black eyed beans

1 tin of coconut milk

2tbsp dried chilli flakes

4tbsb dessicated coconut

1tbsp coriander seeds

2tbsp turmeric

1tbsp mustard seeds

1tbsp black onion seeds

2 curry leaves

handful of frozen coriander leaves


coconut and sesame oil to fry

Boil the squash/potatoes until almost soft, then drain. (circa 10 minutes)

Add the black eyed beans and the dried spices (chili flakes, dessicated coconut, coriander seed, mustard seed, onion seed, turmeric, curry leaf) and fry in a mixture of coconut and sesame oil until the squash skins begin to blacken and the sweet potatoes begin to caramelise.

Add the coconut milk, and heat until the squash/potato begins to break down into gloop and thicken the sauce.

Add the frozen coriander, and allow to defrost whilst stirring in. Salt to taste.

Serve with lemon or coconut rice.

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