Between horror and hope

Migraine, day eleven. Getting desperate enough that I would consider drinking the blood of vanquished gladiators to cure it (Apparently good for migraine, epilepsy, stroke and bad headaches according to the Ancient Romans).

After finding and mostly constructing a waistcoat from a kit of parts that I cut a couple of years ago, I’ve been inspired to go digging to see how many other part-built pieces I have lying around, and to work on getting some of them made up. I’ve found a turquoise Regency-looking coat (Can’t tell if it’s a waistcoat, or the fronts of a bodycoat) in the most lovely velvet which I remember being frankly evil to work, a dove-grey woolen waistcoat, missing its back, but otherwise all there, a pair of navy blue wool trousers which I seem to remember had a spiralling problem (so they might get cut up into breeches) and a bundle of very soft tweed scraps which I’ve labelled “Single breasted, no collar” but for some reason is packed as a project and not as stuffs, despite having no structural fabrics with it. Still missing is the green gaberdine dress waistcoat, which I would have loved to find and finish up.

On the other hand, the scrappy tweed looks perfect for the christening next week – Smart, but not so smart that I’ll be devastated if it gets covered in baby sick, and also basically the colour of baby sick anyway – so I’m going to try to cut it a new back and see if I can get it done by Easter. A waistcoat, start to finish, used to be a one-day project (Cut in the morning, seams and collar if needed in the afternoon, pockets, topstitching and buttonholes straight after tea, then hand-sew on the buttons whilst sitting in bed listening to the radio) so I think that two days, to get back into the swing of things, should be about appropriate.

And I need to find my patterns. And my head feels like it’s full of boiling treacle. And I want flapjacks.

5 thoughts on “Between horror and hope

  1. Percy, are you allowed triptans for migraine? They are damnably good, but prohibited for me now because of psych drugs problems. Rizatriptan used to be a miracle cure….

    Good luck with your needlework. I love hearing about it.

    I am sure inky could rustle up some flapjacks for you, and post them down the interwebs. Head*desk sent me a cat yesterday after all. And it was a ginger one too.

    Much love, Cathy

    • I used to take sumatriptan, and I tried zolmitriptan/Zomig, and both made me feel terrible. Also propanolol. I think I need to find some sort of migraine-stopper though, because this is getting ridiculous.

      Thank you, I shall keep you updated on the sewing as I go 😀

      And ginger cats are the best – All the most personalityful ones seem to be gingers 😀

      • Migraine is continuing like the worst unwelcome guest ever, currently self-medicating with hot Irn Bru and screaming. Took far too much morphine yesterday, slept for sixteen hours, and now feel like my kidneys are full of lead shot.

  2. There are several other preventive meds worth a try – sodium valproate (also used as a mood stabiliser) and topiramate. Also gabapentin (which is used in pain relief as well). Or even Amitriptyline (also prescribed for depression, pain and sleep). Ask for a referral to a neurologist if you want to follow this up – if your GP is not confident in prescribing off-label. Personally I never found any preventive approach helpful – but Rizatriptan worked so well, it mattered a lot less.

    Gingers for the win – our own cat Ron (well technically he belongs to my much loved neighbour) is a delightful fudge/toffee/ginger tabby.

    I’m collecting philosophical quotations, and this one popped up in Twitter this morning. As John Locke said to Nick Clegg “I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts”!!!

    Lots of love Cathy xxxx

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