After a full day of sitting in a darkened room and sewing on buttons like  cross between Sisyphus and a Norn, my new waistcoat is done.

One one hand – The shoulders are a bit lopsided. On the other, it’s good enough for casual, good enough for smart if I’ve got a jacket over it, and it solves the “Everyone is sick of seeing me in the same three waistcoats” problem (Purple corduroy double-breasted, blue velvet shawl-collar dress, and grey linen wash in summer).

And, best of all, my migraine appears to be gone. My back is screaming at me though.

2 thoughts on “Successes

  1. Lopsided shoulders would have suited Richard III, but he’s too far gone to make the best use of a waistcoat now, sadly.

    I must say I am starting to form a mental picture of you and Best Friend strutting your sartorial stuff side by side…and it is a most elegant perhaps even flamboyant one.

    I am slightly troubled by the ambiguity of your Norn reference, as I gather that there were both malevolent and benevolent Norns, and the former caused all the malevolent and tragic events in the world while the latter were kind and protective goddesses.


    • More just that they too sat staring at thread all day and cursing wildly when it snapped unexpectedly. I had fifteen buttonholes to make and fifteen buttons to sew on. All worth it, since now I’m getting to sit here with a big tin of brasso making them look sparkly.

      …I will tell him that, and he’ll be pleased. He’s definitely the flamboyant one – Not only because he’s got stacks more confidence in working with expensive fabric than I have, but his sense of style tends more towards structure and silk and rich colours, whereas mine tends towards corduroy and tweed and cavernous pockets full of string and dog biscuits. People do tend to do a bit of a double take upon seeing us both at the same time though 😀

      Possibly I need to work harder on my left arm, and build up that shoulder until the waistcoat looks level…

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