Wheels within wheels

Migraine, day twelve.

Actually feeling a bit better, due to the vast quantities of morphine yesterday night – I slept for sixteen hours and woke up in no pain – so today I’ve been making plans.

Firstly – My buttons have arrived, so I can get on with sewing up my waistcoat. They’ve turned out to be ex-Merchant Navy, with the George crown, so they’re not current insignia so I feel fine about wearing them. Need to give them a good polish, pick out fifteen that match, and get on with the buttonholes. Sixty buttons for just under a fiver, so I’m pleased with that.

Secondly – Booked in for my first ever eye test at three tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes.

Thirdly – Booked in for a free fifteen minute consultation at the painvultures’ at 13.30 tomorrow. I was deliberately vague on the phone; I said that I have all-over joint pain, including my back and neck, so they obviously immediately said that I needed an osteopath. The receptionist was, however, very careful about not suggesting that osteopathy would cure anything.

If the osteopath doesn’t take one look at me and say “No, this would be dangerous and irresponsible” I am going to be horrified. Obviously, I won’t let them touch me – I’m not actually insane, I know how much damage they can do – but this could be very telling about the integrity of their practice.

If it turns out that they are happy about snapping the necks of the hypermobile, they are going to have Problems.

So, tomorrow should be busy.

Also, having missed the actual Spring Equinox for my Day In The Life, I’m going to do it tomorrow instead, just to keep it close. It’s between the actual Equinox and the start of BST, so it’s close enough.

3 thoughts on “Wheels within wheels

  1. “If it turns out that they are happy about snapping the necks of the hypermobile, they are going to have Problems.”

    Percy, the mind boggles…as to what form your retribution will take…

    I think one can play a bit fast and loose with the placement of the vernal equinox – after all, there were lots of competing calendars at one time, so probably according to one of them, it falls tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Basically, there don’t seem to be any official guidelines by the General Osteopathic Council on how (not) to treat hypermobile petients, even though according to all actual physios, osteopaths are literally the worst thing that can happen to a bendy (Sudden uncontrolled movements, testing the limits of tissues).

      So I’m going to see if I can prod them into admitting that they’re innately harmful.

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