A two-day sleep

It turns out that what I really needed was enforced rest.

I don’t know how to describe this without sounding terrible, but my best friend is a lot like a big, intelligent cat. The day before yesterday he turned up at my house with, in lieu of an actual dead mouse, an enormous bag of instant food (Cous cous that just needs hot water to be a meal, vegan naan bread, home-made curry that I just had to reheat, coconut biscuits) six cans of expensive fizzy pop that I adore, a half-bag of clothes that I’d left at his house over the past few months and that were now washed and pressed, and a fresh bottle of white port for us to share.

So we sat up until about four in the morning, eating food that didn’t take any effort to make, drinking port, and just generally chatting about nothing.

The day after, I basically slept like a crocodile – waking up a little bit to eat, talk, and do minor internet things, but mostly just drifting in and out of consciousness and letting various medications do their good work.

This morning, I was suddenly more useful again. Phoned the council to get the flashing light turned off (eight weeks and counting, no wonder I’ve been having migraines…) phoned the hospital to get my coil appointment sorted out (Now booked for the 17th of April), took Dog to the vets to have his nails clipped, bought and used some smell-destroyer stuff for the bit of the floor that Dog always pisses on when I leave him alone for ten seconds, and washed the bedding that I’d been living in for far too long by this point.

I was extremely pleased to note that sunset was at about 8pm today. We’re getting back to having a civilised amount of daylight.

After having done a pile of Stuff this afternoon, I had a brief nap this evening (about 9-11) and now I’m up again and basically ready to face the world. Admittedly, there’s not much world to face at 2am, but it’s a start.

2 thoughts on “A two-day sleep

  1. Best Friend sounds like the best friend anyone could have. The fact that he embodies the best qualities of a Maine Coone cat only adds to his charms 😉 I like to imagine the pair of you lounging in your finest waistcoats, quaffing your port late into the evening.

    I am loving the longer days. I admit to wandering in the back garden in the early morning before bothering to get changed into my day clothes for the sheer joy of being out when the dew is damp on the grass. 🙂

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