Cat-based therapy.

Discovered today that the painful numbness in my left leg upon waking wasn’t due to the usual culprit (Dog sleeping on it), it was this bugger;

The prototypical Ginger Tomcat
The prototypical Ginger Tomcat

Please note – I do not have a cat. This is the local feral, fed by about five different households, who usually sleeps on the wall between mine and my neighbours’ house, meaning that he appears to have an honour-guard of large greyhounds.

How he got into my house, I have no idea, though it was probably through one of the downstairs windows which I had open to let in the breeze. His name is not Breeze, it’s Geoff. I also have no idea when he got into my house, and more to the point, I have no idea why he got into my house, being full of large Dog as it is.

After depositing him in the front yard (as shown) he just sat there looking utterly offended that I would even dream of evicting His Majesty from his rightful bed.

Brilliant creature.


5 thoughts on “Cat-based therapy.

  1. I’m in love with Geoff, well with all ginger tabbies in truth. My own beloved ‘borrowed’ catten (*the term for a teenage kitty) is a soft ginger boy.

    Check with the neighbours whether Geoff is snipped – and if not club together to do the dirty on him.

    Otherwise, go Geoff!

    • Geoff is definitely not snipped – Even if it weren’t for the dozens of ginger, gin-tabby and tortoiseshell feral kittens, you can see his terrible furry testicles from a hundred yards away.

      The problem is that he technically has an owner (Who kicked him out upon buying a new dog, for shame) so we can’t just get him snipped.

      He’s a lovely boy though – A proper tom; Terror to anything on four legs and hopeless sycophant to anything on two.

  2. Feral kittens make me sad *sigh*. But you must make the best of a bad job, and give Geoff the cuddles without “the most unkindest cut of all”.

    My own Ron is very much snipped I am pleased to say šŸ™‚

    • thankfully, people keep adopting hte feral kits (Or the kits keep adopting people) so none of them are out there for more than a few weeks without their mothers.

      If one of them moves in with me, even for a couple of weeks, it’s getting the snip. We’re only a tiny little urban village, and we’ve got the beginnings of a nice songbird colony and a decent bird of prey situation too.

      Hugs to Ron too šŸ™‚

  3. I tell you Percy, the bird of prey situation here has got way out of hand. The red kites circling Twyford virtually blot out the sun….;)

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