Fire and fleet and candle-lighte

Finally got an appointment for this afternoon for my migraine.

Migraine has returned, not sure whether to call this Day One or Day Twenty-Four, since I’ve had about four migraine-free days since the middle of March.

Terrified that they’ll say it’s a morphine side-effect (Not possible, not unless side effects can time travel back to when I was a toddler and this first started happening) and take my pain relief away.

Terrified that they’ll put me back on Pizotifen.

Just want to not be in pain all the forever. And want to be able to see out of my other eye.


7 thoughts on “Fire and fleet and candle-lighte

  1. Good luck with that Percy. You need to get the situation reviewed, because even a 3 day migraine is utterly debilitating, never mind what you are suffering.

    Don’t hesitate to ask to see a consultant neurologist…and ask about the BEST acute treatments on offer, once an attack has started. As I said before, Rizatriptan worked a treat for me.


    • I shall see what I can get 🙂 Appointment as at 6 hours, and I wurde nur acute/PRN meds, not another prophylactic. Definitlty willing to try triptans though.

      I seriously feel for the ooeple with true chronic migraine now – No iddea how they coep.

  2. Umm, Percy, are you not already suffering with chronic migraine? I am not sure how much more chronic it could get? At my worst I had migraine on every alternate day…you beat that by some distance!

    If necessary cry to convey the sheer weight of suffering. I did. I can’t believe what horrors you endure!

    • Amusingly, I’ve been wanting to cry all morning about it – It’s been low-flow out of one eye, and on the other one, the tearduct has basically swollen shut. My eyeballs feel dusty.

      Serious empathy for your migraines – I wish we had the superpower of being able to instant migraine geben to anyone who says “Oh, it’s just a headache…”

      Chrinocest migrnaeur I’ve ver known had a single long migraine that lastd over a year. And is still ongoing.

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