To worse

Back from the doctor, taken a sumatriptan.

Head pain worse, feel more queasy, dizzy, chest pain, muscle twitches all over. Very confused.

Next appointment Monday. Kind of want to go to hospital instead.


14 thoughts on “To worse

  1. Argh. See how it goes. You may need a reasonable trial period to assess the results properly. Meantime, please take very good care if you are dizzy. {{{Gentle hugs}}}

    Cathy β™₯

  2. Go. Migraines beget migraines. They do damage that can never be fixed. You do not want to be me. Get it all addressed when you can.

    • Been getting them since I was about four-ish, so it hadn’t occurred that they could get any worse. Oh god, they’re now worse.

      Ended up sleeping for a couple of hours, and now I actually feel better – fragile, but better. I’ll give it until Sunday to stop (Not a fan of A+E on friday and saturday nights) then heigh myself to hospital.

      Thank you, by the way – I was kind of worried I was just being whiny by complaining so much about this.

      • We have the right to whine occasionally. Being in a lot of pain all the time sucks. If we don’t vent every now and then, we’ll just make ourselves sicker.

  3. I know of no evidence that migraines ‘do damage that can never be fixed’. But I am interested to hear more.

    Percy, I am not sure what A & E can do for a severe migraine. I think you can take a fresh dose of triptans for each new day of an attack, and beyond that…I am not sure that there is anything more, though I swear by the home remedy of heat treatment – I lie on a hot water bottle so it presses on the bit of my head that hurts. Others find a cold pack helps.

    Hoping today is a better one.

    • Today, it seems, the migraine is gone – The triptan made matters immeasurably worse for about four hours, but it does seem to have ended the attack. Though one of my eardrums now feels all wrong.

      I’m always amazed by how little I know about migraines, considering I’ve had them for so long – I suppose that since EDS was “new” in my twenties I went all-out on the research, but since my migraines have just been “my-graines” since before I went to school (And no, primary schoolteacher, it’s not a tantrum, Young Percy really can’t see you right now and is genuinely crying in pain, yes, it happens to everyone in his family, no none of them get treatment…) so I’ve never really looked into what they actually are, beyond that they’re something going wrong with the electrical activity and/or bloodflow on the blood-brain barrier. And that sudden changes in air pressure, other pain, long-term hunger and long-term insomnia tend to set mine off.

      And agreed – heat packs are basically a panacea πŸ˜€

    • Migraines beget migraines. As you get more migraines, the severity increases. Truly severe, 10+ migraines can cause what are called “bright spots” to show up in our MRIs. Unlike people with MS, our bright spots grow back. But what was in that bright spot can be lost. So if the bright spot is in your memory system, there’s small damage there. It’s not significant, not the first five, six, seven times. But I’ve had them for 18 years now, and because of lack of information, poor treatment, etc., my are permanent, super severe, and pop bright spots all the time now. And we know there’s cognitive loss. I used to be a certified genius with an IQ of 154. Now, I’m not.

      Here’s some info about all of this.

      • Your first link features a doctor from the respected Mayo Clinic. He says: “there is no evidence that migraine has a long-term effect on the function of the brain or has long-term neurological consequences for the patient”. I take that as reassurance myself.

      • I must admit, I’ve been getting migraines since before I can really remember, and I’ve not noticed any long-term losses of function; I’m always a bit fried for the day or two after one, but I bounce back eventually.

        This said, anecdote is not data, so I’ll have a read around.

      • I’m not trying to argue or pick a fight. I’m telling you what I’ve learned and know for myself. I’m telling you what I’ve experienced. I hope your experience is different.

      • Definitely not arguing, and very grateful for your input πŸ™‚ I feel like I’m woefully ignorant about migraines, and moments like this remind me that I need to take the frozen peas off my head and educate myself.

        Edit for clarity – I realise that in my last comment when I said “Anecdote isn’t data” it was a bit ambiguous – I was referring to myself and my anecdote, not to you.

      • Sorry, grumpy with pain today. I’ve got a blog post I’m working on about the latest stuff we should all know about migraine research, and another about … something similar … damnit … time to lie down. Drugs are kicking in, storms are starting up again. More later?

  4. There’s almost nothing in life a hot water bottle can’t make (just a bit) better. So glad to hear that you are on the mend too! β™₯

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