Shine brightly

Well, after all that worry, today went fine.

The doctor I saw (Dr RS) was happy to increase my diclofenac (70 tablets instead of 56, to cover for pharmacy fuckups), to very slightly increase my diazepam (To eight pills a month instead of six), decrease my laxido (30 instead of 120), put my suppositories on my repeat prescription for about the 90th time, and, best of all, to not push to decrease or remove my MST. She had the usual caution – She said she “didn’t like” diazepam, but my point that I didn’t like it either, it was just better than an A+E admission, was enough to put that to rest, and my bluntly asking “Why?” when she said that Dr Rpm had thought it was a good idea to take me off MST, with the corollary of “I’m not in pain anymore. I really like not being in pain.” has set her mind at rest that I’m not in some kind of terrible opiate abuse spiral.

Thankfully, she’s basically just a really nice person, and I’m glad that I got her today rather than someone more idealogically driven.

It then took literally a dozen trips back and forth to the pharmacy to get my prescriptions sorted out, but now I have them all.

Utter disaster, forestalled for another month.

Interestingly, my Oramorph this time came in an unlabelled bottle, without a child-lock cap. Probably actually useful, so that I can open the bottle without needing help.


5 thoughts on “Shine brightly

  1. We’re going where the sun shines brightly, We’re going where the sea is blue…

    Well done Percy. I reckon you and I could keep Big Pharma afloat financially, just the two of us Add in inky, and that’s your inflated profit margin, right there!


    • I think it’s me that’s bankrupting the NHS – Eight items a month, at allegedly £8.20 an item, thirteen times a year is £852.80 – And I pay £100, to get my pre-pay card, so don’t pay for any of it.

      Probably best not to work out how much each item is ACTUALLY costing the NHS, but I think that most of my drugs are old, cheap and out of patent by this point, so I might not be the massive funding-haemhorrage that I feel like. 😀

  2. You know that dreadful cosmetics slogan ‘Because you’re worth it’, well you are worth it Percy.

    Because I am on weekly prescribing due to previous overdoses, I get 4 items a week, so 12 a month. And I pay absolutely £zero, because thyroxine is included in the pharmacological mix and that entitles me to free prescriptions until I die!

    Beat that for systematic leeching of the NHS!! 😉

  3. So happy for you Percy! I wish you didn’t have to go through all the angst and trauma leading up to the visit!

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