Happy Goth Day!

It’s Goth Day, during Vegetarian Week, in EDS Awareness Month.

So I feel really celebrated.

And yet, the pharmacy forgot me again so I have to wait until Tuesday for my medication to arrive. I phoned them up at about midday to ask where my meds were which were meant to be delivered “by the end of the week” but which hadn’t arrived by 4pm today. And then they arrived at about 5pm, sans the slow release morphine. Another classic fuckup by the pharmacy.

This annoys me – The pharmacist himself is amazing, but communication between the pharmacy and the surgery is nonexistent. And, again, the pharmacy is well within a hundred yards of my house. I don’t want to need a new pharmacy, but after literally a year of them fucking up my prescriptions, I think I do.


3 thoughts on “Happy Goth Day!

  1. Blo*dy pharmacy cock-ups. Drive me mad. Of late a new pharmacist has arrived, and things are running beautifully – it does so reduce stress!

    However, it DOES feel like a good day to celebrate Percy. You really brighten this world Percy! 🙂

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