And it had been going so well

So, my medication arrived on Friday, sans-morphine, and because of the pointlessness of bank holidays I couldn’t get any more until today (Tuesday).

My morphine arrived. Or rather, half of my morphine arrived.

I rang the pharmacy, and was told that, no, sixty pills was all I was getting from now on. So I rang the GP.

First, there were “no doctors in”. Seriously, mid-afternoon on a Tuesday, there were no doctors in the practice which employs more than a dozen clinicians.

I first said to the receptionist that this was exactly the kind of clinical decision that the patient should be involved in, since it meant having to change the actual dosage regime. Her response was “Oh, but the strength hasn’t been changed, so it’s a clerical decision, not a clinical one, so you just don’t get as many tablets. You don’t get to query those.”

Let me put this another way; Every month you eat five tins of beans, ten loaves of bread and a packet of margarine. You have no other food, and you carefully balance the amount of each that you have so that every day you can have beans on toast. One day, you go to the bakery, and they tell you that you can now only have five loaves of bread. Suddenly, the beans don’t work as well (They’re a bit icky when you’re eating them cold out of the tin, and you feel distinctly unwell doing so), the margarine is useless (you’re having to eat whole lumps of it, because there’s no bread to spread it on) and, worst of all, you’re hungry all the time. In fact, gradually, you’re starving, because you literally aren’t getting enough food to maintain yourself.

Halving someone’s rations is exactly the sort of thing that you should consult with them over.

I’ve managed to argue a meeting next week to “review my medication”, despite the fact that I literally reviewed them last month, but this is getting beyond a joke. It will surprise nobody that it was precipitated by Dr Rh, the same puritanical hatemonger who tried to reduce my morphine twice over the past two months. Thankfully, the review (booked for the 3rd) is with Dr L, who is very sympathetic and will just nod and agree that, yes, the review that was done last month was sufficient.

There is literally no reason for doing this other than a basic hatred or suspicion of people who are in constant pain. When I’ve already been looked at, multiple times, by multiple doctors, and been told “Well, you seem to be managing your condition extremely well, and the medication that you’re taking seems to be working as well as can be hoped, and look at all the progress that you’re making” the only reasons to try to change my regimen is if you think that you can make it more effective (“So, you do really well on diclofenac, you might like some other NSAIDs, would you like to try one for a month?”) or more streamlined (“So, you take four of these three times a day, would you like to try taking six of them twice a day, or how about a patch that releases the equivalent of twelve over 24 hours?”) Not just “I didn’t like that you were taking BAD DRUGS so I thought I’d take you off the BAD DRUGS – that means you won’t have EDS anymore, right? That’s how it works?”

Fuck the society that makes us more worried that someone who doesn’t need opiates might have them, than that someone who does need them doesn’t have them.


3 thoughts on “And it had been going so well

  1. I would suggest gathering evidence for a gmc complaint. I would also suggest asking the practice to bar dr rh from handling your treatment

    • He’s the chief GP there, it’s his practice and everyone else on the payroll is his thrall.

      I barely have the energy to get as far as the surgery, never mind to complain to anyone about it – My complaint to the health ombudsman about my last practice stalled because I didn’t have the energy to do it. The whole thing just gives me a horrendous migraine.

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