Nurse Karnstein Will See You Now

Two more failed attempts at getting blood (By a different nurse), who then called in Dr AC to have a look, who marvelled at my lack of useful veins and that even in hot weather and an an armoured leather jacket my hands were blue and cold, checked over both arms, vetoed taking blod from my ankle, and gave me a bag of vials and notes to take to the phlebotomist at the LGI later this week.

They’ve also added to my notes that getting blood out of me is basically impossible, and not a task for the fainthearted or inexperienced, though that I’m thankfully not squeamish and most doctors will get bored of playing pin-the-vein-on-the-zebra before I do.

3 thoughts on “Nurse Karnstein Will See You Now

  1. I do feel for you Percy. As a lithium taker, I have to have lots of blood tests, and on the one occasion that it was a struggle, I had a nasty time of it. Your ordeal sounds much worse.

    All best love, Cathy

    • Thank you šŸ™‚ Fortunately, I’m not squeamish and don’t find needles painful – I’m more bothered about having to take a long trip into town.

      I’m starting to wonder if I can ask them to take extra blood every time they find a vein, then fridge it to test for anything else that I might need that month…

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