A Day In The Life: Midsummer Fire

00.00 – Happy Midsummer! Time for another Day In The Life

00.04 – Right shoulder is extremely stiff and sore, decide to have a shower to ease it off.

00.22 – Exit shower with subluxed hip. Stretch back into place by pacing, then sit down in bed. Refrain from morphine, trust in falling asleep soon.

00.23 – Back pain spreads across hips and up spine. Lie down, attempt to sleep.

02.30 – Still awake, back pain horrendous, take morphine, try to sleep again.

04.46 – Wake up, right shoulder subluxated. Set it, turn over, sublux left clavicle and AC.

05.30 – Back pain still increasing, manage to fall asleep.

09.00 – Wake up, both shoulders subluxed, reset both and sit up.

09.46 – Whilst sitting at computer, full dislocation of left shoulder. Back pain enough to merit morphine on its own.

09.52 – Right shoulder joins in with left shoulder, refuses to reduce. Right wrist spontaneously reduces, was apparently subluxed all along.

10.15 – Right shoulder goes into spasm, taking ribs with it. Take diazepam to stop it.

10.42 – Phone call to plan going out today with best friend. Feel a bit ill, but want to be up for it.

10.56 – Is this the start of a migraine? My ear is hot and half of my headfeels like it’s full of blood and wasps.

11.59 – Yes. Right hip, back, right shoulder also in intense pain. One eye streaming. Nosebleed.

13.13 – Sudden spasm across both sides of back cause me to fall face-first into Dearest’s crotch, mid-conversation. Blacked out, awoke to find him playing Minecraft and using my head as a table.

13.30 – Left hip sublux drops me to the floor whilst wandering through the kitchen. Screaming.

15.13 – Right wrist sublux. Popped back into place under its own strength.

15.48 – Fall over whilst going up stairs, due to migraine. Every time I stand up, I get dizzy. Sit down and stay sat.

18.00 – Realise that right hip paradoxically both hurts and is numb. Feels neuropathic. Pain and numbness spreads to knee and over arse.

18.21 – Right wrist starts to cascade, repeated subluxes in various joints every couple of minutes.

18.35 – Right shoulder starts to burn.

19.40 – Cascade stops.

21.43 – Right shoulder finally dislocates. Relocated with the other arm. Back pain gets worse, and merges up with hip/arse pain.

21.46 – Migraine continues, now feeling very dazed and sick.

22.50 – Migraine seems to be subsiding. Still feel very sick. Teeth hurt. Left eye feels heavy.

23.00 – Give up on the day, decide to go to bed.

9 thoughts on “A Day In The Life: Midsummer Fire

    • I must admit, as it happened (And knowing that I would be recording it because it’s one of the solstices, so one of the Days I record) I thought “Oh, fuck, Inky is going to have Thoughts on this…”

    • I actually looked at this one compared to the other posts in the Day In the Life tag, and I think this was the best one yet. It certainly felt like a good bodily-health day, apart from the migraine…

  1. Bloomin’ Heck Percy. Have you been listening to ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’? I admire your stoicism. 😉

    • Thank you 🙂 I try to look on the bright side about the stuff that I can’t change, so that I’m not completely at the bottom of the heap when the things I can change need my attention. (I don’t always manage!)

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