As of yesterday night, I’m starting to make videos of how to sort out various EDS-related things. The channel is here: MxPerspicacity’s Youtube Channel (There’s obviously also random other things on there, because it’s just my youtube channel). So far there’s a glenohumeral and a generic elbow reshuffle.

I intend to add audio descriptions and transcripts below the videos when I’ve got the hand strength, but anyone else who wants to can do it in the comments, obviously. Any ideas on accessibility, or corrections, will be applied either to the existing video or to a new one (I’m going to do one on the Matsen traction for shoulders the next time I have a dislocation that suits it, for example).

4 thoughts on “Multimedia

  1. I watched as much as I could manage – I didn’t want to see the most hands-on bit! But it was lovely to hear your voice Percy. Really lovely. And I have to say that thought I hate to use the ‘brave’ tag, you did seem to be soldiering on under a lot of pain.

    • I realise it’s probably a bit gruesome for non-zebras – Don’t force yourself to watch them, they’re (Hopefully) something you’ll never need to see.

      And thanks – I was trying to not let the pain get in the way of the technical stuff, but it was a really painful one!

  2. You were really good. Honest face to camera stuff. And as I say a bit of a treat to hear your accent!

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