Fighting Autumn

Basic training is now booked for the 22nd of August, with the same school as last time.

Hopefully, the weather will have held up (We have been getting some nice indian summers the past few years) and my original plan of “Take CBT, pass CBT, buy bike immediately, ride as much as possible, two lessons a month for six months – either on my 125 or Direct Access, then take the full test for the first time about six months after the CBT, then again every three months until I’ve passed it.” will go into action. It’s going to be expensive (One 3-hour lesson is £80, so to do this I’m going to have to drop my other hobbies, like “Eating” and “Washing In Hot Water”) but I have no vices* so I’m allowed just the one.

Right now, as much as Direct Access would be useful, just to open up which bikes I could ride, I’ve got no real ambitions beyond a 125. They’re cheap to run, Ubiquitous Japanese Bikes have basically-interchangeable parts, I won’t be assumed to be likely to race off by other road users, and they’re not going to rip my arms off.

Though one day I will have a Honda CB400F, and it will be crane yellow, and I will love it to pieces.

5 thoughts on “Fighting Autumn

  1. *No vices…how disappointing. You’ve so disillusioned me now.

    But seriously, good luck. And embrace the tawny hues and beautiful golden sunshine of Autumn.

    • Even the thought of that particular kind of autumnal light is making me feel a bit sick. I’m afraid I’m a lost cause on that one. Bring on the zero-visibility fogs and knee-deep snow, where I feel less terrible about my seasonal depression because everyone else understands it too…

  2. Sorry Percy. I went to New England in the Fall some years ago to see my sister in Connecticut, so those glowing colours have good memories for me.

    Anyway, all the best with your venture.

    • It’s really strange – Intellectually, I love the colours, and have very fond memories of bright, cold afternoons, crunching through knee-deep drifts of sycamore leaves with Dearest… But the knowledge that with that comes the horrible bleakness kind of overlies it. Very strange feeling.

  3. I was imprinted with Keats’ Ode to Autumn early in life. I think that sealed it for me! Oh and The Wild Swans at Coole as well of course. 🙂

    “The trees are in their autumn beauty,
    The woodland paths are dry,
    Under the October twilight the water
    Mirrors a still sky;
    Upon the brimming water among the stones
    Are nine-and-fifty swans.”

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