Return to Castle Karnstein

So, tomorrow I’m heading up to Newcastle. My itinerary is a bit… Gruelling.

1)  Arrive in Newcastle after a three-hour bus and railway journey.

2) Meet up with Sambuca, go looking at bikes on Westgate Road in preparation for Compulsory Basic Training and basically to remind me that I’m doing this because I love bikes and want to ride them, and it’s a fun thing, not a chore.

3) Probably eat, I hope.

4) Pub, one of our old haunts if any of them are still open.

5) Club, oh dear god, for the first time since about 2007. I hear there’s a new metal night at the Union.

6) Back to the youth hostel, probably at about 3am, where I will be sleeping in a dorm with ten other people.

7) Youth hostel kicks out at 10am.

8) Local rail (always erratic on a Sunday) down to Tynemouth to meet Algernon, and maybe go to the beach.

9) Local rail back to Newcastle.

10) Mainline rail back home, another three hours of travelling time.

Am I looking forward to it? I don’t really know. I’ll be travelling light (No rucksack, everything stuck in my pockets), and the two people I’m going to see are both lovely old friends whom I’ve either not seen in forever or only reconnected with briefly and recently, so that will be good. On the other hand, I’ll be travelling light, so won’t have an internet connection to do long conversations with anyone from back home, I’m not sure that I’m physically or mentally equipped for going to a nightclub (Not much seating, loud music, late night, people who might remember me and I can’t remember them), and I won’t have any privacy for the whole time that I’m there. I know it’s only two days, but my mental state is fragile, I’m not physically in very good shape, and I’m going to be running very close to exhaustion for much of it.

Part of me wants to just stay at home and finish watching the cricket, but even that alibi will probably run out by about noon.


One thought on “Return to Castle Karnstein

  1. This is probably wildly sentimental, but I like to quote this extract from an Irish blessing to those about to set out on a journey of adversity.

    May the road rise up to meet you.
    May the wind always be at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face,
    and rains fall soft upon your fields.

    Take good care. C. xxx

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