The Illustrated, The Wicked

Today was my regular-irregular meeting with the rheumatologist, Dr D. D is lovely – He remembers what I’ve been up to (Or at least keeps very thorough notes), and fiercly advocates that my GPs are generally idiots, that I need to get into Stanmore as soon as possible, and that I’m right in just being my own physio now.

On the “GPs are ignorant” front – He thinks it’s ridiculous that I get 16mg of diazepam a month, especially since it’s so much better for me than taking lots of morphine for the spasms. He’s sent them a letter to complain and tell them to stop being so ridiculous and hidebound.

On the Stanmore front – He says that I’ve held up my end of the bargain, and got into improbably good shape (He was a bit cautious about asking if I’d put on weight but, when I said gleefully that I had, he enthused about how much healthier and stronger I looked now) so that the NHS should hold up their end of the bargain and get me into inpatient treatment. He was impressed with the amount of swimming I was doing, and said that he wasn’t sure if he, or most other abled people, would do the same, even if they likewise didn’t have day jobs. He’s promised to bother Stanmore for me, so I don’t have to keep doing it myself.

He’s also promised to follow up with the gastroenterologist and the hip surgeon – We both agree that I really want to avoid surgery, but that having someone look it over and give an expert opinion is a good idea.

And then, as seems to be increasingly traditional for me – I came out of hospital and went straight to the bike garage. I’d not been intending to buy anything, but they had in the exact helmet that I’d been looking at previously, reduced to half price, so I bought it. And then I got home, rang someone that was selling a Suzuki Marauder on the other side of the country, and am heading over there tomorrow to have a look at it. Not to buy it – Not even to promise to buy it – but to get plenty of photographs and have a better look at it.

Not sure if this is hubris, or things just all going well for a change.

Tomorrow night is swimming – Definitely looking forward to it, haven’t been since Friday. Six days is far too much of a gap. Admittedly mitigated by spending three days with Best Friend in the gap, but still.

3 thoughts on “The Illustrated, The Wicked

  1. I thought your ration of diazepam was miserly – seems your specialist agrees. Drat stupid GPs.

    The bike sounds very exciting!

    • I’d always thought it was a bit abstemious, but it’s nice to see official confirmation of that. I’m not sure if it’s my age, my class, or my subculture, but most of the doctors at my GP seem to think that I’ve got nothing better to do than sit around in a drugged haze.

      Bike is inded incredibly exciting – Though going to see it may be put off today since I’m having to take the dog to the vet’s. Neighbour fed him marrowbones, so now he’s throwing up massive shards of broken cow femur. He should be fine in both the long term and the short term, but as soon as the surgery opens I’m going to take him over there and get him checked over.

      • Poor doggie. Shards of bone do not sound pleasant, going down or coming back up again.

        Take good care. C x

        PS that attitude to benzos is quite common. We are being made to pay for prescribing errors in the past. It’s ridiculous. Occasional use is fine.

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