A Day In The Life: Persephone’s Boat Trip

00.00 Happy midnight, happy Mabon. Fell asleep soon after in a morphine haze, trying to stop the pain in my back from making me throw up.

07.30 – Wake up, realise that right shoulder is dislocated.

07.40 – Fall back to sleep.

10.05 – Wake up, shoulder still dislocated. Attempt to reduce.

10.12 – Left hand begins to hurt mysteriously. Take morphine.

10.14 – Try to repair left hand, somehow manage to make it worse.

10.17 – Freezing cold pain shoots up outside of palm and into last two fingers. Go looking for a hot water bottle.

10.18 – Dislocate hip walking downstairs, fall, jar spine, lie at foot of stairs feeling sick and dizzy.

10.25 – Reduce hip, as well as possible, stand up, go and find kettle.

10.41 – Nearly spill kettle on self as filling hot water bottle. Sublux both wrists in the process.

10.56 – Retreat to bed, switch on TV.

11.08 – Back pain reaches the point where I just surrender. Lie flat on back, close eyes, rest arms by sides, start crying.

11.30 – Drifting in and out of conciousness. Realise that the only reason I’ve not noticed left clavicle problems is because right clavicle is having the same problem.

12.00 – Must have been “out” for quite some time. Take more morphine, let myself sink into the dark.

13.10 – Woken up by right scapula trying to climb around to front of torso. Take more morphine.

13.15 – Right glenohumeral joint fails, takes series of movements to fix.

13.28 – Back pain and wrist pain collectively “top over” into nothing but static. Vomit into pint glass.

13.32 – Realise that right wrist is completely dislocated. Reduce with opposite hand.

13.49  Back pain starts to get towards being vomit-worthy again.

13.50 – Right shoulder falls apart.

14.09 – Right shoulder still in pieces, spasms continue across whole back.

14.11 – Loud crack from right shoulder, shoulder falls two inches, arm stops moving.

14.12 – Pain in left hand blossoms up forearm and down fingers. Palm goes numb. Despair.

14.35 – Managed to sit upright. Right elbow starts hurting. More diazepam.

14.38 – Amazing spasm across trapezius that makes my back look like really impressive.

14.55 – Right glenohumeral pop, right scapula continues journey around front of body.

14.56 – Left glenohumeral pop, shoulder falls, probably all a result of the benzo taking effect.

15.01 – Something horrible is happening at the radial end of my left clavicle. Maybe the whole thing is rotating. Good thing the ceiling is fascinating.

15.28 – Forced upright by promised arrival of quotes for double glazing. Dislocate both shoulders, possibly a few ribs, feel sick and dizzy, fail to put weight through both feet. Using crutches.

15.47 – Fallen to pieces, returned to bed, feeling very sick and sore all over. Unsure of being able to get to the Party meeting tonight.

15.59 – Realise that my wrists have stopped hurting. Hooray!

16.10 – Wow, dizzy. Time to lie down. Spasms everywhere, guts don’t feel fantastic either.

16.46 – Drugs seems to be working. Very relaxed and passive and cuddly. Back is still sore, but mostly just want to curl up with someone nice, even more so than being in less pain.

18.55 – Back pain returns. Forced to move, and thus to eat. go to Labour meeting.

21.52 – Return from Labour meeting, in which I basically fell to bits but was not keeping track of exactly how.

21.53 – Get can of Relentless in one last attempt at waking up, go for a shower.

22.02 – Left hip subluxes whilst sitting still.

22.17 – Clavicles both pop, which I think was them returning to “normal”.

22.41 – Intense burning pain in back of neck, lie down and stay down.

22.59 – Lying on left shoulder, shoulder fully dislocates. Have to pause film and take ten minutes to repair it.

23.18 – Give up on being in bed, get in shower in attempt to be warm and less in pain.

23.20 – Assorted pops and clicks whilst in shower, mostly spine, ribs and shoulders. All seem to be going in the right direction.

23.46 – Pain in wrists start up again.

00.00 – Start of the next day, still awake.

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