Through the ashes of empires

Well, I’ve finally bit the bullet and made an informal enquiry about getting a carer, for a couple of hours a week.

Even if it’s just over winter.

Toktogi is on

6 thoughts on “Through the ashes of empires

  1. Good for you. Are you involving social services to make an assessment, or just going independently to find someone suitable? If you’d rather not discuss of course that’s fine. I’ve had good times since Monica the independent social worker joined the fray with mum & dad. What’s astonishing is that all that professionalism and decades of experience comes at a price lower than my hairdresser charges! Love C xxx

    • Didn’t even realise I could involve social services, so just rang up local company. £15 an hour, very worried about working conditions and carers’ own take-home pay after agency overheads.

  2. Ring adult social services and ask for an assessment of your needs. They have to do this for you. If you meet the criteria and survive a financial assessment as well, then you could get help from the council to meet your care needs. If your needs are likely to be long-term, this could be well worth it. In any case, you should get an OT assessment and equipment/adaptations free of charge.

    If you go it alone, only use an agency registered with the Care Quality Commission, and check if there is a recent report.

    Does that help? Oh and obviously, insist on continuity of care ie the same person coming whenever possible, so you can train them up in EDS!

    C x

  3. Percy I advise 2 national charities on social care issues & Mike is a social care manager, so if we can help in any way, please do ask. But I’ll try not to interfere!

    • Thank you. I’ve made the first call to the council today, and they’ve taken a load of details (With surprising sensitivity, not digging too far or making me utterly debase myself) and will get someone to phone me back and arrange more closely some time during the week.

  4. Brilliant. You will be entitled to universal prevention services eg equipment/adaptations, then more help on top of that if you meet certain criteria for day to day functioning affecting your wellbeing significantly.

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