Under the bridge, with my big tall hair.

Today I’ve got a migraine, being reigned in with the power of Zomig and soft green lighting.

On the other hand, my dislocated right hip chose this evening to slingshot back into its socket with an audibule “THUNK”, so it now hurts, but moves properly.

And I’ve printed out my whole month’s sleep schedule to take to the doctor tomorrow.

And I don’t want to go to the doctor tomorrow. I have a migraine.


M is morphine, d is diazepam, numbers in yellow are sleep, b is bike time, w is alcohol, xx is diphenydramine, s is swimming, T is the hour change.


I still find that sawtooth pattern interesting, likewise the way that I seem to always wake up before noon unless I’m really going to be sleep-deprived if I don’t. If I was a betting man, I’d bet something along the lines of “The warming/light cues in the morning are recieved pretty much right, but the ones at night to tell me to switch off don’t work, so my circadian “night” keeps getting moved forwards, and getting shorter”.


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