After while, you just forget that everything smells of petrol now.

Today in Further Shit I Did Not Need, someone cased up my bike.


Drove past, incredibly slowly, in a flatbed lorry, and the passenger leant out, eyeballed the bike, took a photo of the lock, then drove on. Then they turned around at the bottom of the road, and did it again on the way back up.


The solution to this?WIN_20151215_21_59_31_Pro.jpg(Dog on settee, in comfortable parlour, with the front wheel and head assembly of a GZ125 lurking in the background like a guest that’s not taken its shoes off.)


Today has been a bit of a push on the Christmas front, though, which is definitely a good thing.


To whit:


Sweets for Grandparents arrived.

Books for Parents have been dug out.

Whiskey for Dearest’s Family has been found and dusted.

Hot cushions for Nieces have been sewn up.

Cuddly toy for Dearest has been finished apart from the appliques.

Smoking cap for Best Friend has been finished but for the lining.


Meaning all that’s left to do is finish Dearest’s thousand stitch belt, wrap everything, and then get my bike down to the garage on Saturday morning to have the heated grips fitted, before going up North.


I have also recieved a couple of lovely presents and cards from fabulous internet friends, which have basically made my entire month. Friendship is awesome. I can see a lot of internet friends getting Januarymas presents, once I’ve sewn my head back on straight, drank most of the whiskey, and calmed down.


This has actually been a pretty good week, overall. My leg is healing with the speed that I’m used to (to whit, unnaturally quickly), my ribs and shoulders feel like normal-hell, rather than had-a-bike-drag-them-along-the-carriageway-hell, and Dearest has done basically all the laundry, so I’ve got safe stuff to wear to go North in. And, possibly best, me and Sambuca have arranged to meet up in York in January. So things are going to be good. It’s always been a comfort to me to have things planned for after the big-difficult-stressful stuff (The classic ones always being having a holiday planned after my exams, a night out planned after a hospital appointment, and a few days at a friend’s house after visiting mine or Dearest’s families) and this is my thing that I’ve got planned for after New Year.


All is well.


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