A Day In The Life: Late as ever

I’ve been such a mess of anxiety this winter that I’ve managed to miss the equinox, Christmas, and New Year as days for DitL, so I’ll do it on the day we’re closest to the sun instead (2nd of January).


00.00 – Happy Not-an-equinox-but-the-day-that-the-earth-is-closest-to-the-sun!

01.45 – Right hip luxates momentarily, starts hurting more than everything else.

3.08 – Take herbal sedative, evening morphine, diazepam, dicofenac.

3.13 – Right hip pain increases.

4.00 – Fall asleep.

09.30 -Woken by post. Go downstairs to collect parcel, find that it’s only letters. Luxate hip in process.

09.40 –  Return to bed, suddenly both fatigued and full of pain-based adrenaline. Fail to get back to sleep, but must fall asleep at some point.

11.50 – Woken by post again, this time it’s the parcel. Limp downstairs in already terrible pain, again.

12.00 – Broken fibula starts twinging badly whenever I move. Establishes that, despite everything, it’s still broken.

14.01 – Go for a shower. Collapse onto shower seat, both shoulders luxate. Attempt and fail to reduce both.

14.05ish – Attempt to wash hair, fail.

14.28 – Get out of shower with much difficulty, get into bed. Hips, back and shoulders absolutely burn.

14.30 – Intense back pain overrides everything.

14.42 – Right wrist luxates. Immediate reset.

15.04 – Right shoulder luxation. Scauplua wings suddenly. Feels like clavicle is climbing up throat. Lie down flat on back.

15.08 – Left wrist luxates. Partially reset, lie back down. Switch on electric blanket.

16.00 – Wake up, must have fallen asleep. Right hip absolutely screaming. Take morphine.

16.40 – Apply TENS machine to lower back. Read instructions for homework.

17.14 – Right shoulder still winging. Dislocate right wrist trying to reduce it.

17.15 – Attempt to reduce right wrist, fail.

17.26 – Right knee goes off like a bottle rocket.

17.34 – Right elbow interacts with power pack of electric blanket whilst typing, luxating the lateral head of the clavicle on that side. Pain shoots down through the whole chest.

17.35 – Realise that half of the rib are subluxed on the right hand side, from the spasms. Despair.

17.44 – propped up on one elbow. Right shoulder completely collapses in on itself.

17.53 – Back pain turns over again so that everything feels like radio static on a cold night.Debate taking more morphine.

17.56 – Left wrist luxates, whilst typing. Doing homework.

18.49 – Achieved nothing, right wrist luxates painfully again.

19.04 – Went downstairs to feed dog. Pain across both shoulders, fatigue and racing heart. Exhausted upon getting back upstairs.Luxated right wrist whilst washing dishes.

19.21 – Whole right leg goes into spasm. Consider morphine again.

19.39 – Head starts to hurt, teeth feel too sharp. Definitey need morphine, but also very sleepy and don’t want to take it. Feel a bit useless due to having done no homework, and just watched Netflix all day.

20.09 – Right wrist needs reducing again.

20.13 – Right glenohumeral spontaneously reduces itself. Had not noticed it was wrong, due to all the clavicle and scapula pains.

20.14 – Stabbing pain through from base of scapula, making it difficult to breathe.

20.48 – Reduce a load of finger luxations. Shoulder pain continues, breating still a challenge. Takes the morphine.

21.21 – Left wrist luxates whilst making curry. Hip pain also gets terrible.

21.25 – Shoulder pain returns when I sit down.

22.03 – Luxate jaw whilst eating curry. Eating curry with a spoon, as hands not “together” enough for chopsticks.

22.57 – Reattach jaw.

23.13 – Right wrist luxates again and won’t reduce. Back, hip and knee pain too much to keep awake, plan to go to bed and lie down with an audiobook.

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