How Is Gender Like A Motorcycle?

Well, the big difference is that a motorcycle is generally sited between your legs, so let’s get on to the similarities;


  1. Everyone who has one can’t understand how people get on without them.
  2. Everyone thinks that their own is the best and most comfortable, even if it would feel totally wrong to other people.
  3. Everyone is far more fascinated by their own than by anyone else’s.
  4. They’re lovely if you have one, but most people that don’t have one don’t see the appeal, and definitely don’t need one forced upon them by a third party.
  5. It’s possible to have one that is just a utility thing, and it’s possible to have one that’s your whole lifestyle, or somewhere in between and both is fine.
  6. On some people, you think they really suit them, on others they’re quite incongruous, but it’s still theirs and it’s not your place to give your opinion.
  7. Having one makes a lot of stuff easier, but can paradoxically make some things harder too.
  8. Some people wear special clothes related to theirs, but others don’t bother.
  9. Sometimes passers-by will get quite aggressive with you about them, even though it’s really not their business.
  10. Anyone saying “I don’t care about it, I don’t see it or think about it, I just see YOU” is at best missing a crucial bit of information and at worst lying.


…I’m rather pleased that I made it to ten.


Feel free to add more in the comments if you think of any.

5 thoughts on “How Is Gender Like A Motorcycle?

  1. 11. Some people don’t have one, but like the culture around them and participate in that.

    12. Some people may try one out for six months at a time, then decide it’s not for them

    13. If you befriend someone when you think you both have one, or even the same one, it’s downright churlish to start treating them differently when you find out that they either have a different one to the one you thought they had, or that they don’t have one at all.

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