Just got my letter confirming a rheumatology appointment, really soon – 9.30, 1st of February, at StJ… And not with Dr D. With a Prof McG, whom I don’t know.

Part of me is immediately terrified. Even though I’ve never met a bad rheumatologist (And I’ve known plenty – Dr D, Dr W, Prof A at UCLH, a few dozen locums (loci?) it’s always scary meeting a new doctor, especially one that I expect to have a long relationship with. I’ve seen Dr D four times a year pretty much since diagnosis, and he really understands me as a person, and follows my condition. He’s gone above-and-beyond more than once for me. He isn’t just “good”, he’s brilliant. I’d put him up there with Mr Gb, Dr DM, Carmilla, and a tiny handful of others for “Medics whose judgment I trust entirely, and that I immediately feel safe around.”

But here’s hoping that someone who’s in the same department as produced Dr D and Dr W is going to be just as good and caring.

On the bookings front – It would have been nice, though to have been asked when I was free, not just thrown an appointment early in the morning, next week, with no hope of getting someone booked up to take me. I don’t think I want to go to my first appointment with a new rheumatologist, and arrive in bike leathers and sweaty, having driven through rush hour in awful weather. it gives the wrong impression.

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